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From bubble to foam, your products are protected

Bubble packaging rolls

If you're looking for the best light weight packaging material, then bubble packaging rolls may be the right choice for you.


They can be slit and perforated to accommodate your unique needs, and they can be made into a pouch or envelope. You can even include an adhesive strip for simple, fast closure.


The bubble range of sizes includes:

3/16 x 48" x 750', 5/16 x 48" x 375', and

1/2 x 48" x 250'.


Give us a call and ask about bubble on demand machines, or air pillow machines available for carton void fill.

The purpose of polyethylene roll foam

Polyethylene is your low cost solution to protect a number of different products. The foam master roll can be custom slit and perforated to almost any size to meet your specific needs. You can also create a custom foam pouch that perfectly cradles your product during transportation, storing, and shipping.

Get numerous benefits from polyethylene

In addition to the cost savings, you'll see numerous benefits to using polyethylene. It's non-abrasive, lightweight to keep your shipping costs low, clean, water resistant, easy to use, and incredibly customizable.

You've got options

You can also purchase the foam with adhesive additives so it sticks right to your product, without residue or cohesive additives that only stick to themsleves. You can laminate different substrate materials such as foil and paper to your foam to meet your specific packaging needs.

What dimensions are you looking for?

Your thickness options start at 1/32" and go up to 1/4". You can choose roll widths of 48", 60", or 72", and footage options include 2000', 1250', 3/32", 550', 350', and 250'. Call Great Southern Industries, Inc. to get specific pricing and customization information.