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Take advantage of the latest technologies

Do you know what you need?

Great Southern Industries, Inc. works with a wide range of clients. Whether you have a huge product or a tiny one, whether you can envision what you need or you need help finding that vision, we can help!


Your first step is to call and get details on your options and our pricing structure. There's no cost to talk to a qualified designer and you'll get a feeling for how well our company will fit with your needs.


There is a solution to whatever your packaging problems are - and we can

find it!

Get a perfectly designed package

When you choose Great Southern Industries, Inc., you are choosing a design department that can create a package that specifically matches your product. We'll make sure it's easy to assemble, meets your functional needs, and minimizes your total cost.

Build a design you can believe in

Your package is designed for your specific needs. Special care will be taken to ensure it can withstand warehouse handling, storage, transportation, and even the distribution process.

Choose the right materials for your product

You'll have numerous materials to choose from, and Great Southern Industries, Inc. can even integrate alternative materials into your corrugated design. This ensures the end product is the most functional and cost effective packaging possible.

It's all about the details

There are many aspects of designing the perfect box, and with our years of experience and our staff of more than 100 professionals, we have the resources, expertise, and desire to focus on every detail of creating the perfect design for you.