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Find any type of packaging paper you're looking for

More packaging paper

Keep your product clean and provide protection against stacking damage with our high strength top protector sheets. We can produce special sizes and shapes, strips for interleave, or die-cut shapes for production and special packaging.


Brace your load and reduce damage with air bags, which come in many sizes and plys.


Single face packaging paper consists of one layer of corrugated medium bonded to a single layer of linerboard. It's typically used for wrapping and interpacking.

Your choice of corner protection papers

Choose from paper cornerboard, or plastic and metal corner protection, for increased pallet stability and to protect your product. Combined with steel or plastic strapping, you'll have a tighter, more secure load. Available in a wide range of leg dimensions, lengths, and thickness. Printing is available to personalize name recognition products.

Pick your pallet liners

Ranging from .008 to .070 caliper thickness, these pallet liners prevent bags from working between pallet boards and protect against leakage caused by nails or splinters. These liners are designed to work with automatic equipment.

Brace your products with honeycomb

When you work with Great Southern Industries, Inc., you can choose from custom designed honeycomb that works to block and brace your products. Pick your custom cushioning material that will curve around your product and offer consistent protection.

Find your general purpose paper rolls

At Great Southern Industries, Inc. you can find general purpose rolls of paper that offer void fill, interleaving, and product protection. You'll also find many supply special purpose papers for industrial packaging needs, including plastic coated papers, news print, scrim reinforced, and VCI rust inhibited papers.