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You can rely on plastic strapping machines

RQ-8 automatic machine

There are many advantages to the RQ-8 Automatic Strapping Machine. With a high speed strapping cycle time of 1.5 seconds, it's capable of up to 40 straps per minute.


Strap loading is incredibly easy: just lift the feed lever on the outside of the machine and insert 8" of strap. Then move the feed lever to the run position, press start, and it's automatically threaded.


Take advantage of the wide tension range of up to 200 pounds, and appreciate that this is a machine built for long-term reliability. The self-lubricating system is designed with superior design components.

Get a custom model for your needs

If you need a specific model, then Great Southern Industries, Inc. can design a machine that will work with your packaging requirements. From light duty applications to demanding applications that require a high level of dependability for heavy duty production, you can count on these machines to get it done.

K2 Table Top Semi-Automatic Machines

These affordable machines are the right plastic strapping system for low to moderate volume shippers. Improve packaging productivity, reduce labor costs, and decrease the cost of materials. They work well for strapping cartons, bundles, and coiled products, and they automatically tension, seal, and cut straps.

JK-5 Automatic Strapping Machine

This is a reliable, economical choice for light-duty applications. Strap loading is made simple by opening the pool box and inserting the tip of the strap into the machine. It's easy to operate by push button or foot pedal. The space-saving design is perfect for small working spaces.

RQ-8Y Automatic Strapping Machine

Ideal for heavy products that are difficult to handle and when debris is a concern, the RQ-8Y is a side seal version of the RQ-8 described on the left. It adapts easily to the existing model or extra options. We can design a machine to meet our specific needs.