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Every type of shrink wrap and film you need

Shrink film options

Used primarily when you want to package multi-packed or odd-shaped products, and you want your product to be seen, shrink film is just one of the other options offered by Great Southern Industries, Inc. Shrink film ensures your product will be well protected during transport.


It comes in center folded or single wound rolls, which are designed for L-bar sealers or high speed automotive sleeve wrappers.


The main benefits are the exceptional clarity, the ease of opening, the seals, the fact that it shrinks easily.


Choose gauges from 50 to 150, with variable shrink ratios in length and width.

Ultra-high performance machine film

There are 2 basic types of ultra-high performance machine film. Extreme micron offers the highest performance stretch, 300% pre-stretch at the lowest gauge, and is designed for high speed equipment. Midrange advantage is a blended formula that gives high machine performance at an affordable price - without sacrificing high stretch and puncture resistance.

Standard performance machine film

Machine film is well proven in the industry, and comes with a consistent performance formula that operates on a wide range of equipment. It's available in numerous sizes, gauges, colors, and in special formulas tailored to your specific needs.

Pre-stretched ultra-high performance hand film

If you're looking for an economical choice, then pre-stretched ultra-high performance hand film may be the right choice. It offers the high performance you need, it's lightweight, damage proof, and it easily unwinds from rolls.

Extreme micron handwrap ultra-high performance hand film

Extreme micron handwrap ultra-high performance hand film is the ultimate CAST handwrap. It brings you a great combination of load containment, toughness, puncture resistance, stiffness, and cling, combined with less neckdown for higher load coverage.